Thursday, December 02, 2004

Another 9/11, But Much Worse, Is Inevitable

Bush's election to a second term has all but guaranteed another major terrorist attack on the United States, probably using unconventional weapons, and almost certainly significantly more devastating than 9/11. That statement represents the opinions of a number of leading conservative commentators, according to "Right Hook," Salon's "weekly roundup of conservative commentary and analysis."

The reason is democracy, and how the Islamic world views the connection between the U.S. government and the American people. Before this Election Day just past, there was an ongoing debate within Al Qaeda and the Islamic world in general about whether democracy always implies consent of the people to its government's policies. Many argued that since Pres. Bush had been appointed to the White House by the Supreme Court, it could not be assumed that all, or even most, Americans agreed with Bush's actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, after November 2, this doubt has been removed; and in the Arab and Muslim world, the conclusion is obvious and unavoidable: a majority of Americans approve of Bush's treatment of the Islamic world, and consent to his continuance of that treatment.

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