Sunday, December 12, 2004

Fleeing TO Germany?

No matter how bad things get in the United States, I will never move to Germany, because I am Jewish. But a number of Americans who don't have my historical memory are moving to Berlin, finding it cheaper, hipper, culturally more exciting, and a freer place to live than America under George W. Bush.

"I was crying for days after Bush was reelected," said Jesse Eva, a saxophonist and singer who moved to Berlin from San Francisco four months ago. "I wouldn't want to live in the U.S. while he's president. It's not like fear of terrorism, but fear of my own government."
I know that Germany in 2005 is a very different place from Germany in 1945, but I still find it terribly sad that a country in which 60 years ago a psychopath and the government he led murdered 8 million people, is now a haven for Americans who fear their own leaders.

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