Monday, December 06, 2004

Soldiers File Lawsuit Against Military

Eight soldiers have filed a group lawsuit against the Army's stop-loss policy, which has been keeping troops in Iraq after the enlistment time they contracted for is up. They are being represented by liberal organizations like the Center for Constutional Rights, but that doesn't mean the soldiers themselves are all anti-war.

David W. Qualls, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, said being for or against the war is not the issue. "This is a matter of fairness. My job was to go over and perform my duties under the contract I signed. But my year is up and it's been up. Now I believe that they should honor their end of the contract."

These 8 are not the only examples of U.S. troops rebelling against military policy or orders. Members of the Individual Ready Reserve, who are being called back to service after having completed their enlistment times years ago, are objecting and filing for exemptions. Some are considering legal action. And a couple of months ago, soldiers in an Army Reserve unit refused to go on an assigned mission, saying it was too dangerous.

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