Thursday, January 06, 2005

George "No Bad News" Bush

Ben Wikler writes on Al Franken's Air America site about a piece published in the Nelson Report, a "daily political tip sheet and analysis written for the past 20 years for the (US and Asian) corporate and government clients of Chris Nelson, a former Capitol Hill staffer and UPI reporter." In Monday's edition of this report, Nelson writes:

There is rising concern amongst senior officials that President Bush does not grasp the increasingly grim reality of the security situation in Iraq because he refuses to listen to that type of information. Our sources say that attempts to brief Bush on various grim realities have been personally rebuffed by the President, who actually says that he does not want to hear “bad news.”

Rather, Bush makes clear that all he wants are progress reports, where they exist, and those facts which seem to support his declared mission in Iraq...building democracy. “That's all he wants to hear about,” we have been told. So “in” are the latest totals on school openings, and “out” are reports from senior US military commanders (and those intelligence experts still on the job) that they see an insurgency becoming increasingly effective, and their projection that “it will just get worse.”
I can understand the way Bush feels about bad news. Reading this report that the President of the United States does not want to hear anything that might contradict what he has decided to believe is true, I become so frightened that I just don't want to think about it.

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