Tuesday, February 22, 2005

OVER AT LIBERAL COALITION, Mustang Bobby links to a post at Invisible Library about the Citizens for Literary Standards in Schools in Overland Park, Kansas (where else?). Give them a hand, everyone: They are here to make sure your child does not read anything ... inappropriate. It's not about book banning or censorship, friends. It's about "selecting high-quality literature in required reading assignments." The Citizens for Literary Standards will decide which books those are.

I wonder what these ladies and gentlemen would have thought of my father -- who let me read anything I wanted, even when my choice to read "All Dogs Go to Heaven," "All Horses Go to Heaven," "All Cats Go to Heaven," over and over sent him into paroxysms of despair.

Thanks to Pen-Elayne for posting the link to Liberal Coalition that led me to Invisible Library.

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