Friday, February 25, 2005

THERE'S AN ARTICLE IN NEWSWEEK about the special chartered flight travel program the Bush administration has been running for enemies of the state. I learned about the article from Hunter at Daily Kos. Here is one especially noteworthy part:

New Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, under pressure while he awaited his confirmation hearings late last year, repudiated a controversial August 2002 memo that CIA officials carefully solicited from the Justice Department for legal authorization on renditions and the agency's treatment of Qaeda prisoners. Today the CIA has dozens of detainees it doesn't know how to dispose of without legal procedures. "Where's the off button?" says one retired CIA official. "They asked the White House for direction on how to dispose of these detainees back when they asked for [interrogation] guidance. The answer was, 'We'll worry about that later.' Now we don't know what to do with these guys. People keep saying, 'We're not going to shoot them'."
Maybe we can shoot 'em up with drugs and drop them out of airplanes into the ocean. Worked for Chile, Argentina, and El Salvador during their U.S.-supported military dictatorships.

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