Monday, March 07, 2005

ANOTHER EXCELLENT POST at Body and Soul about Giuliana Sgrena, in response to comments by Atrios on his blog. Atrios said that we shouldn't jump to conclusions about how and why the U.S. soldiers opened fire on Sgrena's car; he also said that even if it turns out they acted improperly, we should remember that Iraq is a war zone and things like this happen. I disagree strongly with that viewpoint; I think it trivializes an event that has happened, in various guises, far too many times in Iraq. Even in a war zone there should be accountability.

Apparently Jeanne feels similarly. And she reports some details of Sgrena's side of the story that I hadn't heard about; for example, that the U.S. soldiers who shot at the car turned off their cell phones after the shooting; that Sgrena's car had already gone through several American checkpoints without incident; and that the U.S. authorities knew they were coming through.

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