Saturday, March 05, 2005

I WAS ALL SET for the NYC Blogger Dinner with guest of honor NTodd Pritzky, but that was before I got the call from my vet earlier this afternoon, telling me one of my cats has hyperthyroidism and I have to give her two pills a day down her little throat. This is on top of the ointment she has to get for the next two weeks in her ears because she has wax build-up. Plus, while I was talking to the vet, my daughter came into the room to tell me that Shiloh (the resident beagle) was throwing up all over the attic floor. It was considerate of him to do that while I was already talking to the vet, hey? I told her, and she said not to give him food or water for several hours and then reintroduce them gradually, observing him to see if he barfed again.

So. I figured it might be better to stay at home than to leave the animals alone for 6 to 8 hours while I went into NYC.

I'm disappointed, though. I was looking forward to meeting everyone. But, as Elayne told me on the phone, there will be plenty of next times.

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