Sunday, March 27, 2005

IT'S AFTER ONE A.M. and I'm starting to keel over, but I had to get this one in before I shut down for the night. Big Brass Blog reports, with a nod of thanks to WTF Is It Now? that Pres. Bush's proposed 2006 budget completely eliminates funding (yes, that's ALL funding) for the Federal Traumatic Brain Injuries Act.

You can file this in the Unbelievable, Incredibly Shameless Hypocrisy Department, because:

  1. According to Walter Reed, 60% of the injuries in soldiers returning from Iraq are traumatic brain injuries; and Pres. Bush says he looovvvveees those soldiers. Guess it must be tough love.
  2. Guess who else has a traumatic brain injury? Give up? Okay, I'll tell you. TERRI SCHIAVO!! And, as we all know by now, Pres. Bush feels really strongly that there is hope for Terri Schiavo's recovery, presumably from treatment for traumatic brain injuries!

So why is Pres. Bush killing a program that is designed to help the soldiers he says he supports, and why is he killing a program that treats the same class of injury that Terri Schiavo has?

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