Monday, March 28, 2005

OKAY, CHECK THIS ONE OUT. Bill Tierney is a military intelligence specialist in Iraq. In other words, he's an expert in interrogating detainees. Back in the United States, he hears about Terri Schiavo and camps out in front of the hospice with his children, protesting the removal of her feeding tube. Even now, he's still there, waiting for her to die.

Here's what else Bill Tierney does: he talks to military audiences about the ins and outs of getting information out of prisoners.

''You are the interrogators, you are the ones who have to get the information from the Iraqis. What do you do? That word 'torture'. You immediately think, 'That's not me.' But are we litigating this war or fighting it?'' . . .

Asked about Abu Ghraib, Tierney said that for an interrogator, ''sadism is always right over the hill. You have to admit it. Don't fool yourself – there is a part of you that will say, 'This is fun.' ''
Can you say, "sick in the head"?

Via Daily Kos.

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