Wednesday, March 30, 2005

PERHAPS RANDALL TERRY, Ralph Nader, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson can wrench their attention away from Terri Schiavo for a few moments to read this article. Perhaps Pres. Bush can see fit to say something about it, too. The people living on the islands of Indonesia who died in the recent earthquake -- an estimated 1,000-plus, according to local officials -- were not in persistent vegetative states, were fully aware, and had just a few months ago been through one of the worst natural disasters in all of human history. People argue over whether Terri Schiavo feels pain. It's doubtful, given that the only part of her brain that's still working is the part that controls breathing and other involuntary functions. But I can assure Randall Terry, Ralph Nader, and Jesse Jackson that the woman lying on the ground in the photograph accompanying this article does feel pain. Can we do something for her?

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