Sunday, March 20, 2005

UPDATE ON TERRI SCHIAVO ... I just looked back at the New York Times article I linked to in my previous post, and I saw a paragraph I missed before. Here it is:

The White House announced late Saturday that President Bush, who was vacationing at his ranch in Crawford, Tex., would make an unscheduled return on Sunday to Washington, where he would remain until early Monday in anticipation of signing the measure [the so-called "compromise" bill to put Terri Schiavo's case before a federal judge].

I read this, and it felt like a lightning strike through my entire body. So Pres. Bush was willing to cut short a vacation at his precious Crawford, Texas, ranch to sign a bill asking a federal judge to reinsert a feeding tube, over her husband's objections, into a woman who has been in a persistent vegetative state for 15 years; but he was not willing to cut short his vacation and return to the White House after the most deadly natural disaster in at least a century -- a 9.0 earthquake that generated tsunamis that were reported at the time to have killed tens of thousands of people in Southeast Asia. (As of January 28, the reported death toll was 283,000, with actual numbers being almost certainly much higher.)

What more compelling proof could anyone possibly need that George W. Bush cares more about human beings who are (a) in a vegetative state with no hope of recovery or (b) not born yet, than he does about human beings by the tens of thousands who are born, living, conscious, fully aware of their surroundings, and who have met death in one of the most horrifying ways imaginable?

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