Tuesday, April 19, 2005

UNTIL I READ Kevin Drum's blog today, I didn't know that Time had decided to disgrace its cover with Ann Coulter. I was only able to read the first paragraph of the main article on her before I was stopped by a subscription wall -- which is probably for the best, judging by how sickeningly sycophantic that first paragraph was.

It has nothing to do with left or right. There are plenty of popular conservative pundits Time could have profiled if they wanted to. The fact that Ann Coulter is conservative is beside the point; she is an embarrassment to opinion writing, and the right should be hiding their faces in shame that she is one of them. Opinion writing is supposed to be supported by well-researched facts. Ann Coulter doesn't even attempt to concern herself with facts or truth or research. Her stock in trade is the ad hominem attack. Read any one of her columns or books. From start to finish, they are tirades filled with name-calling, unsupported accusations, and lies.

I won't say any more, though, because Melissa McEwan over at Shakespeare's Sister has said it all much better than I could. She wrote a letter to the editors of Time, blasting them with all the facts about Coulter's total disdain for facts. Here it is.

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