Tuesday, April 26, 2005


The Iraq Survey Group's main findings -- that Hussein's Iraq did not possess chemical and biological weapons and had only aspirations for a nuclear program -- were made public in October in an interim report covering nearly 1,000 pages. Yesterday's final report, published on the Government Printing Office's Web site (http://www.gpo.gov), incorporated those pages with minor editing and included 92 pages of addenda that tied up loose ends on Syria and other topics.

Apparently I'm not the only one who feels like she's in a time loop, hearing the same news over and over again, presented like it's new every time.

And more from Susie ... I really identify with this one:

I tortured yet another member of the medical establishment last Friday when I finally went for my cardiology consult. The cardiologist (who really is a very nice man) was whining just a little about how you used to be able to make a quarter million in a year, how many loans he had to pay, how he and his wife have to put money away for retirement and the kids' college education...

"It's not that I have no sympathy whatsoever for your problems," I interrupted him. "But you're divorced from most people's reality. I've been laid off five times in the last four years, I have no savings whatsoever, no retirement fund except for Social Security, and I may have to borrow to pay my rent next week - for an apartment that isn't much bigger than this examining room. And there are a lot more people like me than people like you. Your problems are right up at the top of Maslow's triangle."

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