Monday, May 09, 2005

I'M ALWAYS PROUD of my Dutch heritage, but never more so than today.

"It is an insult that this president is coming to visit our war cemetery. He is the cause of a lot of agony in the world that is feeding fear and anger," said Nina Bocken, a 23-year-old Maastricht therapist wearing a homemade shirt with Bush's picture on the front and "The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction" written on the back.

"Bush is not the one to go there. It is not right that a president who has begun a war -- and the war is still going on, just read the news every day -- that he is the one to pay tribute to the victims."

Why should a man who is responsible for putting at least 1,600 Americans and over 100,000 Iraqis in cemeteries be the one to stand in European cemeteries and memorialize the people who died in war there? The leader to do that should be someone who has worked for peace; someone who has struggled to prevent more of those graves from being filled -- not someone who has helped to make that cemetery even more crowded. It's outrageous, really. Bush is expressing sympathy and compassion for those who died in World War II, when someday in the future, someone will be standing at Arlington National Cemetery expressing sympathy and compassion for those who died in Iraq because of the actions of Pres. Bush.

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