Thursday, May 26, 2005

IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE that even conservative bloggers would not be embarrassed anymore to post links to articles about U.S. news organizations ignoring Saddam Hussein's atrocities. After the Bush administration has proved over and over again that the United States can, at the very least, match the worst atrocities of Hussein's regime; after it has been established beyond doubt that the grinning face of evil is just as likely to be American as it is to be Iraqi; after it is revealed that the Bush administration sends detainees to places like Uzbekistan, where the torture techniques include being boiled alive; after the Washington Post reports that at least two detainees were beaten and tortured to death at Bagram, Afghanistan, and the military tried to close the case; after declassified detainee files reveal that U.S. Marines and other military personnel did things like kicking prisoners in the stomach to the point of vomiting blood, urinating on prisoners and putting out cigarettes on their bodies, forcing prisoners to walk over barbed wire and pushing their heads down against broken glass, putting them in prison cells with rats, snakes, and scorpions, threatening them with rape and in some cases making good on the threat -- after two years of revelations about atrocities like these committed by Americans working in the military or the C.I.A., you would think that conservative bloggers would refrain from mentioning atrocities committed by Saddam Hussein.

But I guess not.

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