Sunday, May 22, 2005

TIME TO TAKE A LOOK at what some of my favorite bloggers are writing about:

  • Anders Berkus at Betty the Crow tells us that the Des Moines Register is the first newspaper in the U.S. to call for an independent investigation of the British memo revealing that Pres. Bush's decision to invade Iraq was made by July 2002. I found Scott McClellan's reaction to the memo quite amusing: he said that Pres. Bush felt there was “no need” to respond to the letter from Democrats (calling for an investigation) because the statements in the memo are “flat out wrong.” Funny, that didn't stop the Bush administration from doing their little search and destroy mission when Newsweek got a relatively minor detail wrong in a published piece on Guantanamo.
  • Over at Body and Soul, Jeanne gives Kevin Drum some support for saying that daily newspapers should be recognized as the only source of solid journalism and investigative reporting that the left has -- even if we have to put up with the likes of Judith Miller. Jeanne uses the articles by Tim Golden and Carlotta Gall about the murders of two detainees to make her case. Senior Army officers had recommended that the case should be closed, in spite of overwhelming evidence that the detainees had been tortured to death. That is, until the New York Times, refusing to accept "no criminal intent" for an answer, found ironclad proof that the deaths were homicides.
  • Via Echidne, we learn one definition of moral courage. Moral courage is walking across the stage at your high school graduation when you have been banned from participation because the high school is Roman Catholic and you are pregnant. Note that the father of Alysha Cosby's child, who is also a senior at the same high school, was allowed to participate in the graduation ceremonies. So it's not premarital sex that is sinful; it's visible pregnancy.
  • Mary at Pacific Views has the latest from the war on terror: At Bagram, Afghanistan, it's funny when a prisoner cries out in pain when his knee is hit; so funny that the entire prison staff drops by to hit the prisoner on the knee just so they can hear him scream out in pain. An old quote comes to mind as I read Mary's post: "God forgive them, for they know not what they do." I wish the guy who said that would come back. We sure need him now.
  • Kevin Drum has a hilarious post about Newsweek's intense and continuing desire to whip itself over six words in a 300-word piece. You'll start laughing as soon as you read the lead-in: "MEA MAXIMA MAXIMA MAXIMA CULPA."

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