Saturday, May 07, 2005

Who's being politically correct now?

I think it's time to formally hand off ownership of the "politically correct" movement to the conservatives, although their efforts to proscribe certain speech, movies, music, dance moves, and books might more accurately be referred to as the "morally correct" movement.

It seems that the last bastion of the politically correct is in higher education, but the pendulum has been swinging the other way and their influence is waning.

Contrast that to the growing demand for policing content that some find too risque or offensive. Whether it's the Texas legislature's efforts to make sexually suggestive dance moves by cheerleaders illegal or the FCC's regularly increasing fines for bad language on our public airwaves, it's all part of the same effort to control what we say, hear, and do.

I'm tired of it. I'm all grown up. I know how to turn the channel, whether I change it for myself or for children in the room. I can choose not to read a book, watch a film, listen to a song, or continue a conversation with an offensive blowhard. I don't need government or non-profit groups to shield me or the kids in my life from what they deem offensive.

Such a pleasure to read this. I've been saying it and thinking it for years. "Politically correct" has always been a veiled way of saying "too liberal," and it's such bull. Neocons own the patent and the coyright on political correctness.

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