Saturday, June 11, 2005

THE ARMY is now targeting high-school dropouts and "lower-achieving applicants" in order to meet their recruitment goals.

Via Thoughts of an Average Woman; CE Petro also points out the bombshell comment from a Republican lawmaker -- at the very end of the New York Times article:

Some lawmakers and independent military specialists defended the practice, saying it made sense to accept some low-achieving applicants so long as overall numbers remained within the Army's standards.

"I'm not totally naïve, but I have faith in recruiters," said Representative Joe Wilson, Republican of South Carolina. "There may be higher dropout rates. But a lot of times they're extending opportunities to minorities who wouldn't have opportunities otherwise."
How long before we start to see signs in high-school hallways: "Hate to study? Having trouble keeping your grades up? You don't need a high-school diploma; join the Army!"

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