Sunday, June 19, 2005

I AM STARTING an Iraq Resources page. I was inspired to do this after reading Steve M.'s post on dkos. When I clicked on his link for the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count site site, I thought, "Oh, wow! I didn't know there was a site like this. This is really useful."

That will be my criterion for inclusion in this list. There's lots of information about the war against Iraq out there, but when I happen upon a site and react as I did above, I will know that's a site that should go on this page.

Obviously, these kinds of efforts always work better when many people contribute. So if any of my readers find a site or know of sites that have the Wow! factor, please let me know.

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

ICCC (complete list of casualties)

Fallen Heroes

400 Days and Out: A Strategy for Resolving the Iraq Impasse

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