Friday, June 03, 2005

THE MOVEMENT to put the Downing Street memo front and center of public awareness is picking up speed like a racecar burning rubber. Here is the latest news:

  • As of Thursday afternoon, there were 86,000 signatures on the letter to Pres. Bush asking for answers to five questions raised by the Downing Street memo. Conyers raised his signature goal from 100,000 to 250,000. Also, Conyers has upped the number of congresspeople who want answers from the White House: there are now 94 Congress Critters, as Shakespeare's Sister endearingly calls them, signed on to the letter to Pres. Bush.
  • The number of blogs signing on to Big Brass Alliance continues to grow: it is now up to 282.
  • The Downing Street Memo and the Big Brass Alliance have made it into Wikipedia.
  • The After Downing Street website now gets one million-plus hits a day. Alfredo Lopez, whose People-Link site hosts the site, said, "I'm elated. This is what we're on Earth to do, but we've never had a site get a million hits in a day before."
  • Kudos to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which has printed the Downing Street Memo.
  • A new organization has formed to put some spine back in the public political discourse. "The Backbone Campaign is a grassroots effort to embolden citizens and elected officials to stand up for progressive values. We are expanding the political dialogue by providing creative tools for citizens and the progressive movement. The backbone symbolizes an interlocking agenda, a coalition, and the personal courage necessary to fight for a future worthy of our children."
  • While the allegedly left-wing mainstream press has almost completely ignored the Downing Street Memo as well as the rapidly growing grassroots movement to get answers to the questions it raises, Fox news, of ALL places, has picked up the slack. It is truly an Alice in Wonderland world.
  • A huge list of media e-mail addresses can be found here.

That is it for now. If you blog about this today, be sure to send a link to Joe at The Heretik or to Charles at Freiheit und Wissen. They are doing blog aggregation for Big Brass Alliance.

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