Tuesday, June 07, 2005

TODAY IS National Hunger Awareness Day. Yesterday, eRobin posted this:

I’m posting out of order to get the word out about National Hunger Awareness Day, which is tomorrow. If you have a blog, post something about the hunger crisis. If you comment on blogs, comment about hunger. Buy one of those foodbank coupons at the grocery store. Click the button at The Hunger Site. Buy something from their catalogue. Resolve to join the fight against hunger in this, the richest country on Earth and around the world. Act locally. Don’t let someone’s mother, father, daughter or son go hungry today. Stand up and say that’s not okay with me.
Let's also remember that hunger, poverty, disease, illiteracy, nuclear weapons, racism, war, and every other human issue you can think of are all interconnected. It's not possible to address these issues in isolation from all the others. That doesn't mean each of us has to actually work on every one of these problems in our personal lives. Obviously we all have limited time and energy. But what we can't do is work to end hunger and support war. Or fully fund public education and antipoverty programs while spending billions on new weapons programs. Our support for and activism on behalf of seemingly disparate issues has to be infused with the awareness that what we advocate in one area will affect what happens in another.

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