Friday, July 08, 2005

ASSOCIATED PRESS has a bizarre story about 450 sheep in Turkey committing suicide. Yes, it sounds funny, and apparently it IS funny to the four (conservative) bloggers whose comments are collected at Memeorandum. Am I the only one who felt horror when I read the headline? Am I the only one who feels pity for those sheep, and who's asking how something like this could happen? I mean, I know that sheep are famous for following their leader -- that's why people who blindly follow others are said to be acting like sheep -- but why would 450 sheep leap to their deaths off a cliff? I mean, since when do sheep kill themselves?

Doesn't ANYONE want to understand this unbelievable story that actually, really happened?

(Actually, looking back at the article, almost 1,500 sheep jumped off the cliff. Only 450 were killed, because the later ones were saved by the cushioning effect of the other animals' bodies.)

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