Monday, July 11, 2005

CAPTAIN ED is angry at Hillary Clinton for comparing George W. Bush to Alfred E. Newman, the fictional character in Mad Magazine who always says, "What, me worry?"

Hell, that's better than being compared to Hitler.

Ed doesn't know what Clinton is talking about. The economy is great, he says.

Hillary appears to have a problem with reality. Unemployment has reached its lowest point in years, down to 5%, lower than the average unemployment rate during her husband's terms in office. The economy continues its strong growth, showing an annual growth rate in GDP for the last two quarters of 3.8%. In fact, the economy has continued to gain so much strength despite the effects of energy-price spikes that the Fed has increased its base lending rate for the ninth time to keep the economy from overheating.

Of course, Clinton wasn't talking about unemployment. She was talking about income instability and other economic factors that threaten Americans' financial stability.

...[W]hen it came to the economy, Clinton accused the Bush administration of focusing on helping the wealthy while hurting the middle class, which she said has been key to Americans' success and stability.

She said the middle class is now being threatened by an ailing economy caused by the growing national debt, growing health care costs, the loss of pensions and the loss of manufacturing diversity.

There's nothing to boast about if an economy is generating almost nothing but minimum-wage and low-wage jobs, even if it generates a zillion of them. It takes six of those jobs to put food on the table and pay the bills.

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