Friday, August 19, 2005

And God Said, Let There Be Science and Math

A bare majority (51 percent) of American high school seniors read well enough to succeed in college, according to ACT, which prepares college admissions tests. In 2005, only 41 percent of graduating seniors who took the tests met the college readiness benchmark in math; and a stunning 26 percent met the benchmark in science. The percentage of students who met the benchmarks in all four areas tested (reading comprehension, English, math, and science)? Under 25 percent.

But Bill Frist is not worried. He has the solution. Today, at a Rotary Club meeting in Tennessee, he presented his idea for making sure our young people can compete in a 21st century, global market: Teach the Bible to children in public schools, and tell them it's science.

Via John Aravosis.

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