Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Freedom for Women Is Slavery

A Christian fundamentalist who calls himself "Vox Day" opines on World Net Daily about the terrible situation American women find themselves in: They have rights.

...I very much like women and wish them well, which is precisely why I consider women's rights to be a disease that should be eradicated. For what is rather more difficult to dismiss are the simple and easily verifiable facts that indicate women have seldom been less able to pursue their dreams and less able to achieve their desires than today, the Golden Age of Feminism.

Consider the two great laments of the modern American woman. For the unmarried woman, it is the reality that she must marry later in life than ever before, if she is able to marry at all. For the married woman, it is that unlike generations of women before her, she cannot afford to stay home with her children unless she is fortunate enough to have married to a man of the financial elite.

Mr. Vox Day then goes on to explain the reasons women can no longer find marriage partners, or stay at home with their children when they are lucky enough to have found a man who does want to marry them: It's because family courts have become "feminized" (presumably, by judges who allow women to divorce their husbands and keep custody of their children). It's because fathers can't supervise their daughter's sexual activities anymore (presumably, by forbidding them to have physical contact with males and beating them up or disowning them if they do). It's because women's entry en masse into the workforce has messed up the laws of supply and demand. This last is a variation on the old "women who work take away men's jobs" argument.

I guess in Mr. Vox Day's imaginings of America Before Feminism, unmarried women did not exist. (Maybe because in those olden days, all women were attractive, and men always desired to have access to their bodies. And since there was universal paternal control of young girl's sexual lives, there was no sex outside marriage.) There were no abandoned women or widows without financial resources, either. There were no girls who fled abusive families, or who were cut loose and left to fend for themselves by the paternal supervisors. There were no married women whose husbands were emotionally or physically abusive; no loveless, dysfunctional marriages; no adulterous married men; no poor men who could not provide for their families by themselves.

Those were the good old days, when women's suffrage was unheard of; when the only proper position for a woman was at home with a husband and babies; when men could have premarital or extramarital sex but women could not (and with whom those men had premarital or extramarital sex is a mystery that has never been solved). And women had better agree to go back to those days, because if they do not, the end of civilization will be on their heads.

The women of America would do well to consider whether their much-cherished gains of the right to vote, work, murder and freely fornicate are worth destroying marriage, children, civilized Western society and little girls. They can at least console themselves with the thought that, in the long run, it doesn't matter what they do, because the women's-rights ideology is an evolutionary dead end, and it is increasingly apparent that societies embracing it will not survive.

There is a ray of hope, though. If American men like Mr. Vox Day want to bring honor killings, gang rapes, head to toe coverings, forced marriage and childbirth, and a ban on legal rights for women to this country, perhaps there are more men than we think in the Arab and Muslim world who want women to be treated as equal human beings.

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