Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Moving Post

My core group of readers (small but loyal!) have no doubt noticed that I've been posting less frequently in the last week or so. That's because of my impending move from the house I've lived in for five and a half years to a much smaller two-bedroom apartment. The closing is now behind me, but the buyer's attorney's incompetence, along with my bank's outrageous policy of putting holds on deposits, has caused me a lot of stress, anxiety, and time-consuming hassles. Plus, I now have to pack up an entire house in less than a week. Yikes! (It won't be as hard as it could be, though, because I have my wonderful teenage daughter to help me. She packed four boxes in the time it took me to pack one. Ahhhhh, to be 15 years old again!)

So if I don't blog much this week, you'll know why.

I'm going to keep this post on top so everyone who visits will be aware of what's going on.

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