Sunday, August 14, 2005

That Dubya, He Makes It Hurt So Good

I love this. George W. Bush's approval rating in recent polls has been hovering around 42%, but to some people that proves he's a great leader.

For Trisha McAllister, a Republican from Grenada, Miss., Bush's willingness to ignore public opinion wins her over.

"I may not approve of every single thing he does," McAllister said, "but he's a true leader because he's not leading by the polls."

What a bizarre definition of leadership. A true leader is not someone who ignores public opinion or caves in to public opinion. We all could be true leaders if that's all it took. A true leader is someone who motivates people and inspires them or persuades them to support his goal or vision and to believe in it, even when they have doubts, or get discouraged. The greatest and truest leaders are those who actually empower the people they lead to participate in achieving the common goal.

Martin Luther King, Jr., was a true leader. Gandhi was a true leader. Moses was a true leader. Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt were true leaders. Abraham Lincoln was a true leader.

George W. Bush is no kind of leader at all, much less a great one. All he is, is a delivery boy for his "base."

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