Friday, September 30, 2005

I HAVE ADDED SEVERAL BLOGS to my blogroll in the last week or so.

  • Alas, a Blog: I had seen this one mentioned in other blogs I read. It's interesting, intelligent, and well-written. And, the fine folks there put me on their blogroll first. I believe in reciprocating if the linking blog is a good blog. And Alas, a Blog is an excellent blog.
  • The Language Guy: Fascinating concept for a blog -- examining the ways in which language is used in different areas of public life: politics, law, advertising, and so on. I found this one through Blogger's blog spotlight feature -- which is the first time I've ever found a blog worth reading that way.
  • Treasure of Baghdad and Truth About Iraqis, both found via Riverbend's blog, Baghdad Burning. The first is written by an Iraqi man living in Baghdad; the second by an Iraqi woman living outside Iraq.

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