Sunday, September 25, 2005

I WAS NOT AT THE MARCH today. Barbara O'Brien was. Here is a sampling of her impressions:

We are the majority. The righties need to adjust. Their reaction to today's event is typical; they harp on the flakier elements among the organizers and sink into psychotic denial about how many attended. That's all they can do.
There were people in the march all across the political spectrum, with the exception of the far Right. MNBC interviewed a couple who said they are Republicans who still support President Bush but think he is wrong about the war.

"President Bush needs to admit he made a mistake in the war and bring the troops home, and let's move on," Rutherford said. His wife, Judy, 58, called the removal of Saddam Hussein "a noble mission" but said U.S. troops should have left when claims that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction proved unfounded.

"We found that there were none and yet we still stay there and innocent people are dying daily," she said.

We are the majority.

Quoting the Reuters estimate of over 100,000 participants, Barbara writes:

I'm not that impressed with the photo that accompanies the story, which shows the crowd on or near the Ellipse. As I said in an earlier post, a big chunk of the crowd never went near the Ellipse. The righties will get hold of this photo and argue that there are not 100,000 people there, ignoring the fact that this was only a portion of the people there to join the march. Oh, well.

And that's exactly what Confederate Yankee did.

Here's my favorite Maha line about the march:

I have no idea how many people were there, and I think it would be difficult to estimate because the demonstrators, being liberals, did not follow directions.


Barbara also has photos, and Echidne posts links to more.

By the way. Among the carefully selected photos of the march at Michelle Malkin's blog, I did not see this one. I would love to hear her answer to that marcher's question.

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