Friday, October 21, 2005

THE EARTHQUAKE in Pakistan and India is another story that is starting to fade out of the news, although the number of confirmed deaths in Pakistan alone is almost 80,000. Some officials are predicting that figure could go up to 100,000.

Wikipedia has continuing coverage of the earthquake here.


Khalid said...

Wikipedia definitely rocks.
It is sad to see how the value for Pakistani lives is so low. I have read that thousands of people die in that area due to the winter anyways, and now they are homeless. Things are looking pretty scary. bbc's website was reporting how pakistan has only recieved a very small percentage of the promised aid.

Kathy said...


Yahoo News has an article about how a "U.S.-based human rights group" has accused Pakistan's government of hoarding quake aid, but the article doesn't say which group that is.

It wouldn't surprise me if Pakistan's government WAS doing that, but I don't know why the Yahoo article doesn't give the name of the org making the accusation.