Saturday, October 29, 2005

Libby Indictment

The full text of the indictment handed down today is at Think Progress.

The Washington Post has the text of Dick Cheney's response to Libby's indictment. Shakespeare's Sister translates the statement from Cheynese to English.

The complete transcript of Patrick Fitzgerald's news conference announcing the indictments is at the New York Times.

Laura Rozen points to a cryptic paragraph about Karl Rove in the Post's article about today's indictment:

Rove provided new information to Fitzgerald during eleventh-hour negotiations that "gave Fitzgerald pause" about charging Bush's senior strategist, said a source close to Rove. "The prosecutor has to resolve those issues before he decides what to do."

Later in the same Post article, Fitzgerald addresses a reporter's question about Republican attempts to characterize today's indictment as much ado about nothing:

Asked about what a reporter described as "Republican talking points" minimizing the significance of today's charges, the prosecutor said lying under oath "is a very, very serious matter" and a "serious breach of the public trust."

Well, at least it was when Bill Clinton was the one lying under oath. Guess the seriousness of perjury is relative to the party affiliation of the one who perjures himself.

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