Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bush Is Wigging Out

The Washington Times has an article about Pres. Bush's behavior of late -- and it's very, shall we say, peculiar. The article itself is behind a subscription wall, but John Aravosis blogged it yesterday.

The Washington Times, you may know, is an "independent" newspaper that is basically the mouthpiece of the Republican party. For that reason, it sometimes gets inside scoops as to what the GOP is thinking, and even what's going on inside the White House. For that reason, their latest story on Bush is extremely disturbing:

President Bush feels betrayed by several of his most senior aides and advisors and has severely restricted access to the Oval Office, administration sources say. The president's reclusiveness in the face of relentless public scrutiny of the U.S.-led war in Iraq and White House leaks regarding CIA operative Valerie Plame has become so extreme that Mr. Bush has also reduced contact with his father, former President George H.W. Bush, administration sources said on the condition of anonymity.

Matt Drudge adds on his site:

The sources said Mr. Bush maintains daily contact with only four people: first lady Laura Bush, his mother, Barbara Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes. The sources also say that Mr. Bush has stopped talking with his father, except on family occasions.

So basically Bush is melting down. (Or, at the very least, the number one propaganda organ of the GOP wants us to think Bush is losing it - that's just bizarre on its face, and shows had bad things are for Bush, and the party.) This is rather disturbing in view of the increased chatter about Bush, an alcoholic who never sought treatment, now reportedly drinking again.

This man is running our country. And he won't speak to anyone - ANYONE - other than Condi Rice, his mom, and Karen Hughes? That leaves out the entire Dept of Defense - kind of important during war time - the CIA, every other agency and the entire White House staff.

It honestly sounds like he's losing control.

And he's in charge of our country.

Not just worst president ever. But quickly becoming scariest president ever.

And he's there, barring a miracle, for three more years.


Chief said...

How about that Representative John Murtha from Pennsylvania.

ABC World News had excerpts from a press conference he held. Blunt, outspoken. Like no politician I can recall hearing. He blasted Cheney for his 5 deferments and Bush also.

He went on & on about his visits to soldiers/marines/sailors in hospital with missing body parts.

He's probably too old to run in 2008 but he was more plain talking than either Dean or McCain.

Kathy said...

I didn't read about that yet.

What are your thoughts about John Edwards? He's clearly preparing for a run in 2008.