Thursday, November 24, 2005

From Editor & Publisher: Bill O'Reilly now supports a timetable for bringing troops home from Iraq:

"Let's win the damn thing," he said in his Creators Syndicate feature. "But there must be a time limit. Mr. Bush and his crew have to understand that American blood and treasure are not unlimited. It is not undermining the war to suggest giving the Iraqis a realistic private timetable to defend themselves. Basic training for a U.S. soldier is six weeks. We've been training the Iraqi army for almost two years now. Even Gomer Pyle would be up to speed."

The Fox News host added that "polls show most Americans have turned against the war, and who can blame them with the media pounding home a depressing picture every day? And there are plenty of depressing images to show. Although most of the country is pacified, Baghdad remains a nightmare. ... But voting is happening, and business is being done. So let's build on that and give the Iraqis a realistic time frame to fight their own fight. ... We need to get out of there."

Who'll be the first to call him a traitor and tell him he's aiding and abetting the enemy and undermining the morale of the troops?

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