Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Golden Rule: A Slight Revision

Andrew Sullivan is overflowing with goodies today, or at least I'm just now finding them. Here, via Daily Dish, is a New York Times op-ed about how the United States is looking to the former Soviet Union as a resource for the use of torture.

After you read the Times essay, don't miss the related e-mail that Andrew received from a reader.

Going back to Andrew's Nov. 13 edition, apparently the Bush administration is modeling itself after Pol Pot as well as Stalin.

If you have the stomach for it, continue on and read the several posts below: Slate's primer on torture; Jake Tapper's blog post on the experiences of torture victims who were released from U.S. custody; the e-mail Andrew received about the techniques used in waterboarding and their effects on the body (from a professor at Reed College in Oregon who is an expert on torture); and Brendan Nyhan's blog post about the Wall Street Journal's shifting positions on the use of waterboarding.

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