Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ann Coulter on The Today Show

This is absolutely breathtaking, folks. Ann Coulter on the Today Show, justifies Pres. Bush's decision to authorize warrantless wiretapping by using the "We're at war" excuse -- and then she uses the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II to buttress her argument that suspending civil liberties during wartime is fine and perfectly legal. Matt Lauer's response? None. Whatsoever.

Here is what she said:

...FDR put Japanese including loyal Japanese-American citizens in internment camps, and the Supreme Court said during a war we're not going to touch this ... this is wartime, what the president does to defend America, not only are Americans overwhelmingly behind it, but he has the authority to do it.

I can think of a dozen ways he could have challenged her. Just for starters, he could have asked her if she thought she was being inconsistent about condoning restrictions on freedom during wartime when just a few moments before she had dismissed the idea that Iraqis might choose a strongly religious government because, she said, "I think people instinctively prefer freedom." Or he could have asked her how arguing for restrictions on freedom during wartime would work in a situation like this one, where the war we are fighting is going to last for decades, if not much longer than that. Do we spy on Americans secretly and without warrants indefinitely? Forever?

But Lauer did not ask these questions or any others. Instead, he just looked down at his notes, and proceeded to ask Coulter what she thought of Pres. Bush supporting Anna Nicole Smith in her court fight over her late husband's estate!

Check out the video for yourself. But have a barf bag handy; you'll need it.

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X. said...

Lauer kept his mouth shut probabaly from disbelief or astonishment over Coulters utter vacuity.
Either that or he realized Coulters package is bigger than his.