Monday, January 23, 2006

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS THAT Al Qaeda's popularity has soared in the remote, mountainous region of Pakistan where U.S. airstrikes destroyed three homes and killed at least 18 civilians.

NewsBusters, which advertises its purpose as "Exposing and Combating Liberal Media Bias," thinks the AP misrepresents the seriousness of this news by burying the information that the increased sympathy for Al Qaeda is in a part of Pakistan that has always been pro-Taliban.

However, one has to get deep into this article to find the truth, namely, that this is and has been a pro-Taliban part of Pakistan for quite some time. ...
I guess it wouldn't have been as interesting an article if it had lead with this minor fact. And, the headline would certainly have been less enticing if it read "Sympathy For Al-Qaeda Surges in Pro-Taliban Part of Pakistan."

Bizarre. Like the fact that the area was already pro-al Qaeda means it doesn't matter if it becomes even more so. I guess the idea is that this remote part of Pakistan is an impregnable bubble, and nothing that happens inside the bubble will have any affect or impact on the world outside it.

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