Friday, February 24, 2006

I HAVE BEEN WONDERING why right-wing bloggers have been so quiet about the complete ban on abortion just passed in the South Dakota legislature. I would have thought they'd be jumping up and down cheering themselves hoarse.

My silent theory has been that it's because, as much as overturning Roe v. Wade is the test for ideological purity on the right, no one on that side of the aisle wants to actually come out and publicly support a bill as draconian as the one South Dakota just passed. There is just too much support among Americans for the right to a legal abortion, even if some would like to put restrictions on that right. Who will be the first right-wing blogger to come out and say "Well done!" for a law that forces girls to go through pregnancy and childbirth even when the girl's father and the baby's father are the same person? Even Michelle Malkin doesn't have the nerve to tell women that if full-term pregnancy and childbirth triggers or worsens a serious health condition, too damn bad.

I'm also convinced that right-wing bloggers and media pundits don't want Roe v. Wade to be overturned; that would eliminate one of their key issues. So why would they write approvingly about a law that was passed specifically to force the Supreme Court to take another look at Roe?

Jet at Bring It On! thinks that pro-choice Republican women would leave the party in droves if Roe v. Wade is overturned:

Here is why I think the popular right wing bloggers are remaining largely silent on whether or not this was the right thing for the South Dakota lawmakers to do: if a large number of voices from the right were to begin weighing in with "yeah, let's ban all abortions" type opinions, you can just kiss the Republican Party and the conservative movement goodbye. It would amount to political suicide for them because I firmly believe that countless conservative women would suddenly move away from the Republican agenda to stand solidly with the left to defend a woman's right to choose.

Take a look at this legislation and you'll note that there are no other exceptions for legal abortion -- none. If you are a woman and you get raped, tough, you are still going to give birth to the child, even if it is a case where incest is also involved. Giving birth to the child is going to cause a health problem for the mother? Tough; you're still going to give birth to the child, period, end of story.

Make yourselves look like a bunch of "Roy Moores" to moderate America, and you're going to pay dearly in the elections, isn't this correct, my right wing blogosphere friends? I would tell my fellow liberal bloggers to relax; this legislation doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of toppling Roe v. Wade. It is nothing but a feeble attempt by the far right to do so, but again, it will never fly.

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Gun-Toting Liberal said...

Actually, we AGREE on everything here. One small exception to the post, not that it is that big of a deal :-)

I am the author of the post at BIO you are referring to in your post. Jet is my friend and "coblogger" at the Gun Toting Liberal, and she wanted to share my post with our friends at Bring It On.

I am in the middle of an upgrade from Blogger to WP at the GTL, but I've been keeping track of the other bloggers who've been referring to my post, therefore, when I am able to post again in the next day or so, I'll link to your coverage of it over here.

Again; I agree with every word of what you so eloquently said here on the subject :-) Good show, and blog ON :-)