Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mothers, Don't Let Your Daughters Go to South Dakota

South Dakota has just passed legislation that will ban all abortions in the state. There is no exception for rape. There is no exception for the specific form of rape known as incest. In South Dakota, if a 12-year-old girl's father has sex with her and impregnates her, she has to carry that seed to term and give birth to it. There is no exception to preserve or protect the health of the fetus container -- I'm sorry, the pregnant woman. The only circumstance in which abortion would be permitted would be if the incubator would completely stop functioning without it. In lay terms, if carrying a pregnancy to term would cause a woman or girl to die, she would be permitted to end the life of the fetus so that her parents would not have to bury her.

The bill now goes to the SD senate, where it is to be hoped that less savage and heartless human beings will prevail.

This hate law against women was proposed specifically as a Roe v. Wade test case. Its authors and supporters are hoping that the Supreme Court will use it as a vehicle to make all abortions in the United States illegal.

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