Saturday, February 18, 2006

New Feature at Slate

Got a document you'd like to leak? Send it to Timothy Noah at Slate. He's starting a new column:

What I need from you, dear reader, is documents. White House memos, wiretap transcripts, financial disclosure forms, college transcripts, wills, e-mails, police reports, pending regulations, expense account filings—anything sufficiently piquant to interest the lay public. I'm especially interested in documents that have not previously been made public, but I won't exclude from consideration interesting documents that the public has overlooked. I'm just as interested in government documents as I am in documents from the private sector. I intend to define "documents" as broadly as possible, so that it would include, say, a particularly asinine instruction manual or a particularly cowardly liability waiver for some consumer product, or an especially interesting billboard, or something telling that's been scribbled in the margin of a book.

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