Friday, April 07, 2006

RIGHT-WING BLOGGER "LAWHAWK" writes about the suicide bombing inside a Shiite mosque in Baghdad, which killed at least 74 people and injured about 140. He notes that the terrorists chose to attack people who were defenseless, rather than choosing a target that could fight back:

Note that the terrorists aren't going after US targets that can defend themselves or even the Iraqi forces that are becoming more efficient on a daily basis. They're purposefully targeting civilian targets -- mosques full of people engaged in prayer.

Two points here:

First, I find it ironic that Lawhawk is disturbed by the asymmetrical nature of the suicide bombers and the worshippers inside the mosque. Isn't that exactly the nature of the Iraq war in general? A country that was essentially defenseless attacked by the most powerful country in the world? The United States did not "go after" a country that could defend itself, or even a country that was in the same ballpark as the United States in terms of military capability. Indeed, if Iraq had actually been able to do any harm to Americans inside the United States, Bush would never have invaded.

Second, if the Iraqi forces are "becoming more efficient on a daily basis," then why is Iraq's Interior Ministry refusing to deploy the U.S.- and U.K.-trained police; and why is Iraq's Defense Ministry telling Iraqis not to cooperate with Iraqi army or police forces unless they are accompanied by Americans or Brits?

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