Sunday, June 25, 2006

Common Sense? Half a Brain? Not in Rightie Blogger Land!

It's amazing what you can learn from other bloggers that you never, ever knew before. Like, just this morning, I learned from Michelle Malkin that Al Qaeda was tipped off by the New York Times to the fact that the U.S. government tries to catch terrorists through their financial records!

Well... actually, let me amend that a little. Al Qaeda might have already known that the U.S. was trying to find their financial records -- but Al Qaeda didn't know how the the U.S. was trying to do that. Al Qaeda didn't know that the U.S. was trying to find their financial records by sifting through a vast global database of financial records controlled by an international consortium of banks located in Belgium! Now that Al Qaeda knows that the U.S. is looking through tens of thousands of innocent Americans' financial records to find Al Qaeda's, Al Qaeda is going to get really scared that, using such an efficient method, the U.S. will find their money much much faster! And knowing that, Al Qaeda will take all their money out of all the banks and divide that money equally among all the terrorists and have them put it under their sofa cushions at home! And we'll never be able to find it in the banks anymore!

Darn that traitorous New York Times! If any American soldiers are killed in Iraq today, you'll know why!

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