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U.S. Marines, Sympathizing With Iraqis' Suffering

It's a little surprising that Shakespeare's Sister is the only leftie blog to comment on the hadji girl video story.

First, what happened:

The US marines have launched a probe into a video posted on the internet that apparently shows a marine singing about the killing of Iraqi civilians.

A spokesman described the video as "clearly inappropriate" and contrary to the standards of the marines.

The marines said they did not know immediately if the film was genuine.

The lyrics caught on video refer to the shooting of Iraqi civilians, especially children, by insurgents and then how a marine responds, opening fire himself.

The video also refers to Iraqis as "hajis" - a term usually applied to someone who has completed the pilgrimage to Mecca, but commonly used as a term of insult against Iraqis among US troops.

There is a link to the video here.

The lyrics are posted on several sites:

Hadji Girl
I was out in the sands of Iraq
And we were under attack
And I, well, I didn't know where to go.
And the first think I could see was
Everybody's favorite Burger King
So I threw open the door and I hit the floor.
Then suddenly to my surprise
I looked up and I saw her eyes
And I knew it was love at first sight.
And she said

Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad
Sherpa Sherpa Bak Allah
Hadji girl I can't understand what you're saying.
And she said
Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad
Sherpa Sherpa Bak Allah
Hadji girl I love you anyway.

Then she said that she wanted me to see.
She wanted me to meet her family
But I, well, I couldn't figure out how to say no.
Cause I don't speak Arabic.
So, she took me down an old dirt trail.
And she pulled up to a side shanty
And she threw open the door and I hit the floor.
Cause her brother and her father shouted

Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad
Sherpa Sherpa Bak Allah
They pulled out their AKs so I could see
And they said
Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad
Sherpa Sherpa Bak Allah

So I grabbed her little sister and pulled her in front of me.
As the bullets began to fly
The blood sprayed from between her eyes
And then I laughed maniacally
Then I hid behind the TV
And I locked and loaded my M-16
And I blew those little f***ers to eternity.
And I said

Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad
Sherpa Sherpa Bak Allah
They should have known they were f***ing with a Marine.

The wing-nuts are outraged that anyone would be so sensitive as to take offense at what is "only a joke" and a way for Marines to "relieve the stress of war" -- although Gateway Pundit does refer to the "bad timing" of this "joke" -- at the same time as an investigation into charges that a group of Marines massacred 24 civilians in Haditha; and right after the suicides of three Guantanamo detainees:

The video is reportedly of a US Marine singing in front of fellow marines about a "Hadji Girl" and how he laughs as she is shot between the eyes.

If this is a US Marine singing the song, it comes at a very bad time. If this is not a US marine singing, then it is another smeer attack against the military.

Confederate Yankee (sorry, no link to this jerk) is just one of the many right-wing bloggers who lie and deceive about the song's lyrics, while they brazenly accuse the media and the Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR) of lying:

This song is about a female Iraqi insurgent attempting to lure a Marine into an ambush carried out by her father and brother, also insurgents, with AK-47 assault rifles. By this definition and any other, including the Geneva Convention, anyone luring a soldier into an ambush, or conducting an ambush, is a belligerent, not a civilian.

The only person that could even remotely be considered a civilian is the sister of the female insurgent, who is killed by her own father and brother as they try to ambush the Marine.

The BCC clearly seeks to leave out the fact that the Marine did not initiate this conflict, and that this Marine acted in self defense after being led into an ambush.

Nor is their [sic] any direct reference to children being killed in this song. The song mentioned a "little sister." My wife has a little sister. She turns 30 this year, and has two children of her own. A "little sister" or "little brother" is a relative term, not an indication of age.

Give me a freaking break. I have a younger brother; and he's not my little brother, being 53. And who cares, anyway? Is that the point, that the "little sister" in the song might be 30 years old? No, it isn't. But I'll let Melissa make the point (emphasis added):


The U.S. Marine Corps today said it agrees with a prominent national Islamic advocacy group that a video posted on the Internet apparently showing Marines cheering a song that glorifies the killing of Iraqi civilians is "insensitive" and "inappropriate."

...The video, called "hadji girl," purports to be a "marine in iraq (sic) singing a song about hadji." (A "Hajji" is a person who has made the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, but the term has often been used as a pejorative by U.S. troops in Iraq.) The song tells of a U.S. Marine's encounter with an Iraqi woman. It was viewed by almost 50,000 people. (The video was removed from the Web site after CAIR issued its news release.)

The song's lyrics include: "I grabbed her little sister and put her in front of me. As the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from between her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally ... I blew those little f--kers to eternity ... They should have known they were f--king with the Marines." Members of the audience, not shown in the video, laughed and cheered wildly for these lyrics.

You can watch the video here.

Perhaps even more unbelievable, the assmonkeys at Little Green Fucktards (to which I will not link) are describing this as the "Mainstream Media Disgrace of the Month," and defending it by saying the MSM "leave out the most important part: the people who kill the 'little sister' in this darkly humorous song are -- not the Marines -- but her father and brother, as they attempt to perpetrate an ambush." Of course, what LGF conveniently ignores is that, in the song, the little sister is killed because the marine, as noted in the above lyric excerpt, uses the little girl as a shield.

The featured performer is Marine Cpl. Joshua Belile, who says the "song was written in good humor."

"I think it was a joke that is trying to be taken seriously," he said. "I think it's a joke, and anybody who tries to take it seriously knows it's a joke. People can't just laugh at it and let it go."

Yeah, it's fucking hilarious. I'm sure the family members of the next American civilians who are killed in a terrorist attack will be laughing uproariously that some members of the military meant to protect them spent their time in Iraq inflaming hatred against Americans with such hilarity.

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