Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This Must Be the Democratic Revolution Sweeping Across the Middle East

Condi Rice may view the blowing up of babies as a metaphor for childbirth, but, as Billmon writes, she is running into opposition from America's Arab allies. Note the opening words, which I have bolded:

The Cheney administration's Arab "allies" appear to have had enough of Condi's natural childbirth method. They're screaming for an epidural:

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah warned on Tuesday of war in the Middle East if Israel continues attacking Lebanon and the Palestinians, in an apparent appeal to key ally the United States to end the fighting.

"Saudi Arabia warns everybody that if the peace option fails because of Israeli arrogance, there will be no other option but war," state-owned media quoted the king as saying.

It's about time someone got the president's name right.

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