Sunday, August 20, 2006

Republican Are Fed Up With Bush

Peking Duck expands on the WaPo piece about talk shows that are letting Bush have it with both barrels:

You have to read this mind-blowing article. America's smartest conservatives are saying they've had enough of man-boy Bush. Only the shills at Fox News and the Weekly Standard are keeping their deck chairs on the Titanic. We all have to face it: our president is a miserable failure in every conceivable way, and anyone who wants to defend him does so at their own peril. Ater six painfully frustrating years of raising our voices in protest, the message has finally sunk in. Once the realization is made, there is simply no going back: We elected a moron to be the king of the world, and now each of us has to pay the price, from higher prices at the gas pump to the shame of having to confess you are an American when overseas to seeing our dreams of a great America crack and crumble. Bush is a tragedy and we have to live with him until January 2009. All we can do is work hard at planning for something better, hoping against hope that after he leaves there remains enough of the stuff that made America great to rebuild and recover.

Congratulations, America. You had a choice, and you chose fear over intellect, bravado over critical thinking, and hollow slogans over cautious planning. The result: more terror, more fear, more very rich and very poor people and the deepest social divide in our nation's history. Once, not so very long ago, we were loved and envied. Now we are universally despised and ridiculed. Let's all hope that the lessons of this article mark a turning point, at which true believers drop their blinders and confront the ugly reality, painful though it may be. This is all part of the great catharsis America must undergo to void the toxins of the Bush Nightmare from its system. It'll have to be a colon cleansing on an unprecedented scale, but it has to be done. Kudos to the conservatives like Will and Buckley and Scarborough who had the courage to defy the omerta of the inner sanctum. The fact that they and so many others have all done this tells us something is very rotten in Denmark and America has had enough. Enough.


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