Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Video That Does Not Show Hezbollah Hiding Rockets Among Civilians

I got a comment today on my July 28 post titled "Debunking the 'Hiding Among Civilians' Myth." The comment is from a right-wing reader who tells me:

The hiding behind civilians allegation is no myth. Here's a video of another example of it, barely 24 hours old:

The rocket launched here is a short ranger of the type landing on Nahariya.

I watched the video and replied to his commment here.

So, dear readers, you watch the video. Do you see anything to indicate whether the structures are civilian or military? Do you see anything that looks like Hezbollah fighters hiding rockets in civilian homes? I personally don't see anyone at all. Do you see any missiles being fired from the building, independent of the "circles" which my charming reader claims are Hezbollah rockets?

I'm sure everyone sees the structures being blown up at the end, presumably by Israeli airstrikes -- but I for one do not see any of the other things Telemaque claims are there. I also see nothing to indicate when this video was shot, although my reader claims it was shot within the last 24 hours. Anyone see any proof of that?


Undertoad said...

The little things being fired out of the house must be love notes or something. Certainly not rockets!

Kathy said...

Well, first of all, I don't see any "little things" being fired out of either of the two structures that are visible in the video. And second, even if I did, and even if those "little things" were rockets, whose rockets would they be? What house is that? What year was this video taken? Who took it? Where are the Hezbollah fighters?

You are asking people to take an awful lot of faith -- in fact, you're asking us to take EVERYTHING on faith.

Bottom line, the only thing you can conclude about this video is that it was taken from the air and shows a couple of structures on the ground, and that at the end, someone blows one of the buildings up. Anything else that you conclude is based solely on your preexisting bias, not on anything that can be seen in the video.