Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yes, He's the Walrus, But He May Not Be at the U.N. Much Longer

Steve Clemons at The Washington Note writes that his sources in the Bush administration have told him John Bolton will not be confirmed as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. (Pres. Bush bypassed the Senate confirmation process a year ago by appointing Bolton while Congress was in recess.)

Don't start pulling out the champagne corks just yet, though. One of Steve's readers has a question:

Call me incredibly cynical, but can Bush re-reappoint Bolton during a recess? Who "forces" Bolton out? Because if it's Congress...well...

I've noticed that Bush never, ever loses. Anything. When he's told to stop something, he doesn't. When told he's wrong in Iraq, he keeps going. I don't think he'll take this "failure" in a proper manner.

Another reader answers:

Absolutely, Mr. Bolton can be reappointed during a recess. The consequences are that the appointee receives no pay and allowances for the term, however. This CRS report has more information.

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