Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Americans Have No Clue What War Looks or Feels Like

Tim Graham at NewsBusters, the right-wing blog that "exposes and combats liberal media bias":

Feeling the heat from critics in Washington and across the country over airing video handed to it by an Iraqi terrorist group called the Islamic Army of God, CNN offered air time to Congressman Duncan Hunter on Monday's 5pm edition of "The Situation Room." Wolf Blitzer interviewed Hunter, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, and CNN military analyst Gen. David Grange, but if the general was brought in to debate Hunter, it backfired. Grange ended up agreeing with Hunter that the U.S. media helps the insurgents: "they are winning the information warfare front. You can argue that our -- our -- the media in the United States supports that somewhat." Blitzer framed CNN's Sniper Theatre by asking Hunter "Do the American people have a right to know what war is like?" Hunter said "Wolf, the American people aren't made out of cotton candy. They understand, when you see 2,791 battlefield deaths, that people are killed, and they are killed in bad ways."

Bullshit. One: If the American people know what war looks like, why won't the U.S. military let them see it on their tv screens? Two: Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have died in U.S. airstrikes, suicide bombings, via death squads, and in sectarian violence. Do the American people know what a two-year-old looks like after her head and limbs have been separated from her torso by a cluster bomb? Do the American people know what a mother and her two children look like after they have been incinerated in their car by a cruise missile? And if the American people did know, would they have tolerated this war for three and a half years?

One more thing. Why isn't there a working video clip of the CNN interview on Graham's post?

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