Tuesday, October 03, 2006

MyDD Sees "Total Republican Collapse Imminent"

This is exactly what I've been thinking in the last few days.

The last ten days have been amazing. Starting with Bill Clinton fighting back against Faux News, we have now seen:

* The National Intelligence Estimate declare that the war in Iraq in increasing terrorism worldwide
* Colin Powell say he was fired.
* Rice is on the verge of having to resign.
* Bill Frist say that the Taliban should rule Afghanistan.
* The White House met with Jack Abramoff 485 times, and had a huge amount of influence.
* Bob Woodward comes out with a book saying the Bush administration is lying about Iraq.
* Droves of Republicans are under investigation for something.

I'm sure that I am forgetting some stuff too. But there is this other thing that is going on:

* For five years, most of the Republican leadership covered up for and protected a Republican congressman / sexual predator who was targeting young pages who worked on Capitol Hill. And the establishment media is saying just that.
* The Republican House Leadership has been figuratively decapitated as a result, and now can't speak effectively on anything.
* The Republican response has been to blame the pages, blame each other, block investigations, call the incident unimportant, blatant lying, and show once again just how homophobic and ignorant they really are. Because defenses like that really work.
* And they did it all because they were worried it might cost them power.

This meltdown has been breathtaking. Even before it started, Democrats were already on the brink of at least taking control, if not a huge wave election. Now, even taking the Senate seems entirely possible. At this point, who knows how bad things will get for Republicans in elections around the country. There is no way to hold off an onslaught like this when they were already in such a bad position. Even the generally cautious, uber-insider Hotline is now starting to see a wave. ...

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