Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The American People Get the Last Word

I'm watching election returns on MSNBC. The Democrats have taken back control of the House, 233 - 202. Of course, these are projections, but they've picked up twice as many seats as they needed for control, and the West Coast votes haven't even started to be counted yet.

In the Senate, Democrats have picked up 3 seats -- in Rhode Island, Ohio, and Pennsylvania (BYE, Rick Santorum!). They need 3 more to regain the majority there.

This is huge. Maybe democracy is still kicking, after all.


ScurvyOaks said...

Congratulations on a decisive win. It seems pretty clear at this point that Tester and Webb have won also.

Kathy said...

Thanks, Scurvy. As awful as I felt the day after Election Day two years ago, that's how wonderful I feel now.

Let's hope the Democrats can pick up this ball and run with it.